A science based approach to dog training

Camille created her dog training school muzo with the idea of dedicating her life to understanding dogs and their behavior. With many years of experience and continuing education, she keeps up to date of the latest advances in behavioral science and techniques. Muzo’s only concern are always and only the dog needs: making choices, taking decisions, communicating and exchanging.


Positive reinforcement

We work with methods based on positive reinforcement. We use tools such as clicker, food, play, etc. But beyond the techniques used, we make it a point of honor that dogs and humans feel respected, understood and at ease emotionally and physically.


At Muzo, the empowerment of dogs and the human is a fundamental value. For us, it is absolutely essential that dogs and humans remain actors in their learning and integrate information in the most appropriate manner and pace for them. Education should not be a painful process but instead a choice and decision of the learner, whether he is walking on two legs or four.


Muzo’s expertise is recognized internationally. Camille works weekly with regular dog owners but also travel in France, Belgium and Switzerland to teach clicker training, fitness and treiball courses to professional dog trainers. She also learns with the best behavior specialists and trainers from all over the world such as Dr Susan Friedman, Kay Laurence, Chirag Patel, Sam Turner, Lori Stevens, Debbie Gross Torraca, etc.



Camille Nguyen

Founder of muzo

Dog trainer - specialized in clicker training, fitness/proprioception and treibball

“I’m passionate about teaching, to dogs of course but also to humans. Whatever the activity, my goal is always to teach the human first how to interact well with their dog so that they strengthen their bond and gain autonomy"- Camille

Her dogs

  • Cerise (Cherry in french) - 10yo english cocker spaniel : Cerise has been my discdog partner for years. She is now retired and enjoys sleeping on the couch (even though she is supposedly not allowed to) and running like a mad dog on a mission in the forest! She the sweetest lady and works from time to time with disabled children to teach them about dogs.

  • Miette (Crumb in french) - 5 yo nova scotia duck tolling retriever : Miette is my go to girl! She always on board to run and agility course, play treibball or to work out on peanuts and stuff!


Education / Degree

  • 2018 : Certified Proprioception Instructor - Sam Turner, Paws 4 Fun (Pays-Bas)

  • 2018 : Morphology appropriate custom made harnesses - Iva Pastova, Aura4Dox (Pays-Bas)

  • 2017 : Certified Professionnal Canine Fitness Trainer (CPCFT) - Debbie Gross Torraca, Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals

  • 2016 : Treibball Instructor- Jan Nijboer (inventeur de la discipline), Natural Dogmanship (Allemagne)

  • 2016 : Behavior Analysis Camp - Dr. Susan Friedman, Behavior Works et Chirag Patel, Domesticated Manners

  • 2012 : Certificat de capacité n°69-CC-AD-394

  • 2012 : Certificat d'Etudes Techniques de l'Animal de compagnie - CFPPA de Cibeins

  • 2011 : Formation en alternance - Yannick Thoulon et Florent Dubray, Canissimo

Job Experience

  • 2019 to this day : Founder and professional dog trainer for Muzo +, online course platform in french

  • 2019 to this day : Professional dog trainer for Tromplo, online course platform

  • 2018 to this day : Founder and professional dog trainer for Muzo, dog training school specialized in dog sports and fitness

  • 2018 to this day : Founder of Fit Dog Shop, online store

  • 2018 to this day : Instructor for future professional dog trainers at AoA Formation ( Switzerland)

  • 2018 to this day : Canine mediation manager for Le Pré de Justin, a charity that helps handicapped people through interactions with animals

  • 2012-2017 : Associate and professional dog trainer for Canissimo, dog training school specialized in education and dog sports

  • 2012-2017 : Supervision of canine walks for Le Museau sur l'Asphalte, organization that promotes the integration of dogs in the city

  • 2012-2016 : Supervision of workshops and urban canine walks for the Grand Lyon

  • 2010-2011 : Co-founder of Arctic Cherry, dog clothes brand in São Paulo


Conferences / workshops

  • 2019 : Shaping behavior seminar - Kay Laurence

  • 2019 : Clean Training (e-learning) - Kay Laurence

  • 2018 : Fitness in movement (e-learning) - Kay Laurence

  • 2018 : Life is for Learning (Autriche) - Susan Friedman, Jesus Rosales-Ruiz et Mary Hunter

  • 2018 : Séminaire Fitness Canin (Suisse) - Lori Stevens

  • 2017 : Proprioception Instructor Course - Sam Turner, IMDT (Angleterre)

  • 2017 : Camp Bases de Conduite - Pauline Debarbat, Déclic et des Chiens

  • 2017 : Agility Summer Camp - Devon Dogs (Angleterre)

  • 2017 : Dog frisbee tabory - Michaela Androva et Veronika Urbaskova (République tchèque)

  • 2017 : WOOF! The European Behaviour & Training Conference (Angleterre)

  • 2017 : Dog Event

  • 2017 : Shaping Canine Fitness (e-learning) - Bobby Lyons

  • 2017 : Treibball - Bärbl Runggaldier, Die Treibball Schule (Allemagne)

  • 2017 : Clicker Training avancé pour professionnels - Cynthia Edelman-Rota, The Magic Clicker (Suisse)

  • 2017 : Engagement (e-learning) - Denise Fenzi, Fenzi Dog Sports Academy

  • 2017 : Those Bum Knees (e-learning) - Debbie Gross

  • 2016 : K9 Conditionning 2 (e-learning) - Debbie Gross

  • 2016 : Preventing and adressing the illiopsoas (e-learning) - Debbie Gross

  • 2016 : K9 Conditionning (e-learning) - Debbie Gross

  • 2016 : Dog frisbee tabory - Michaela Androva, Marketa Urbaskova et Veronika Urbaskova (République tchèque)

  • 2015 : Shoulder and elbow rehab (e-learning) - Debbie Gross Torraca, Wizard of Paws Physical Rehabilitation for Animals

  • 2015 : Préparation du chien de sport - Dr Valérie Guigardet, Vétokinesis

  • 2015 : Dog Event

  • 2015 : Dog frisbee tabory - Michaela Androva, Marketa Urbaskova et Veronika Urbaskova (République tchèque)

  • 2014 : Dog frisbee tabory - Michaela Androva, Marketa Urbaskova et Veronika Urbaskova (République tchèque)

  • 2013 : Clicker Training Rééducation thématique - Jacinthe Bouchard et Catherine Collignon, Animalin

  • 2012 : Comportement et rééducation chez le chien de compagnie - Jacinthe Bouchard